Slowmotion - Viaggi fotografici e Workshop di Fotografia

Explore Salina - travel photography workshop in one of the Mediterranea's most beautiful island

  • Price: 530€
  • Date: 09 / 10 / 2015
  • For: All
  • Duration: 3 days - 2 nights
  • Participants: 10

A photographic weekend in one of the seven Sicilian perl, Salina

The first time I went to Salina  it was as it time became slower Every meal I had it was a tribute to  palate and taste,  even my steps were lighter and, I  let tranquility to pervade me.
This will be a weekend in search of harmony. A photographic journey as never before, dedicated to  beauty and visual enjoyment.

We will discuss about   travel and landscape  photography but most important we will confront and learn from each other.


Stop and breath the perfumes at dawn and try to taste the savour of the last lights when the sun sinks 

We will capture the lights and the sunset in this marvellous island, letting this magical place charming us.

We will try to translate this immense beauty into images.

You will be the witnesses along with your faithful companions: your camera




The price includes


* Return ticket Sicily (Milazzo ) - Salina by boat 

* n.2 nights in double room 

* Return ticket for the boat Salina - Stromboli 

*  rent scooter  n.2 Days

* n.3 days full immersion workshop



The price does not include


* food

* translator 

* whats it is not expressed in the " price includes"

Insurance will be added at the time of booking 


All the logistic and booking will be managed by Bioturismo.


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Roberto Zampino

Sono un fotografo documentarista/ritrattista. Ho vissuto e lavorato come fotografo e insegnante di fotografia a Cipro, in Italia e Londra. Specializzato in fotografia di viaggio, sport e “story telling” , producendo fotografie che combinano il mio coinvolgimento con i soggetti con un estetica unica e mai distaccata. Sono un fotografo “out there” , nomade, con il particolare talento di adattarmi ad ogni situazione e ambiente creando legami unici con i soggetti delle mie fotografie . ____________________________________
I am a documentary portrait photographer - I lived and worked as a freelance and photography teacher in Cyprus , Italy and London . My speciality is story telling photography, extreme sport and travel photography. I try to shoot combining my engagement with my subject and with a unique and never detached vision and esthetic. I am. Out there nomad photographer with the particularity of being able to adapt to any environment and situation creating bonds with the subjects of my photography.

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