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ITB Berlin, slowmotion went there to promote sicily and photography tours and workshops

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  • Date: 10 / 03 / 2015

The team slowmotion has returning from one of the most important tourism fairs in the world, the ITB Berlin.


Over 10 thousand exhibitors from almost 190 countries around the world, at least 100 thousand visitors and sold-out for the ITB Berlin which confirm it is the leading event in the world for international tourism. Siracusa, Noto and Avola were participating  together  in a stand dedicated to the promotion of the southern area  of Sicily. Thanks to the municipality of Syracuse, who hosted us, Slowmotion had the opportunity to be present in the stand and contribute to the promotion of our territory.


The work of slowmotion was threefold. The maximum commitment has been dedicated to promoting the area of Syracuse-Avola-Noto in general.  We realized how exciting was  to promote our land, giving the taste of it and making the tourist wanting to come and visit the island.

The second main focus was to make contacts to amplify the incoming of photography tourism in Sicily. Slowmotion deals with travel photography, exploring the territory through photography and workshops. A niche in constant  expansion that aims to offer much more than just a photo tour, but a cultural path that leads tourists to become a more aware explorer and story teller . 


To be present at ITB gave us also the opportunity to create and establish international contacts  to collaborate for the outgoing and experiencial traveling abroad.


Many are the ideas in the pipeline

Photography journey by bicycle in Puglia,

Visit Montenegro,

Photography tourism and outdoor photography in the Canaries,

getting Lost among the nomadic peoples of Mongolia,

Visit nebrodi and their beauty. combining art and photography in a very particular area of ​​Sicily,

Social media marketing workshops and creating professionals able to manage social media campaigns,

and much more ...

..what do you think?



Soon two appointments:

Scilci, photographic journey in the beautiful Sicilian hinterland

Venice, workshop street and travel photography, three days of pure photography a one of the most beautiful cities in the world



Roberto Zampino

Sono un fotografo documentarista/ritrattista. Ho vissuto e lavorato come fotografo e insegnante di fotografia a Cipro, in Italia e Londra. Specializzato in fotografia di viaggio, sport e “story telling” , producendo fotografie che combinano il mio coinvolgimento con i soggetti con un estetica unica e mai distaccata. Sono un fotografo “out there” , nomade, con il particolare talento di adattarmi ad ogni situazione e ambiente creando legami unici con i soggetti delle mie fotografie . ____________________________________
I am a documentary portrait photographer - I lived and worked as a freelance and photography teacher in Cyprus , Italy and London . My speciality is story telling photography, extreme sport and travel photography. I try to shoot combining my engagement with my subject and with a unique and never detached vision and esthetic. I am. Out there nomad photographer with the particularity of being able to adapt to any environment and situation creating bonds with the subjects of my photography.

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