Slowmotion - Viaggi fotografici e Workshop di Fotografia

Our first 10 months of photography adventures and workshops - sicily

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  • Date: 02 / 07 / 2015


After almost 10 months since we were born as "slowmotion" we achieved quite few goals. We did Amazing photography vacations and trips, courses and workshops with the best International photographers. We even manage to have a closed teather opened for us!

We set up a overwhelming exhibition called people of syracuse , 3 days of workshops, meeting and photography, something new and spectacular in sicily. All that have been possible thanks to a beautill and bonded group of people working on the same dream.


Both Paolo Marchetti and Maurizion pignotti, flagship of reportage and night photography around the world told confessed:

"You managed to build up a great team and you sicilian cannolo and food is amazing!"






Our future Projects

- photography vacation si Sicily

- Courses and workshops aroud the world 

- daily tour and explorations


- Slowmotion Agency -  to sell your work

- travels travels travels

- exhibitions - mostre

- and so much more!




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Salina - Viaggio fotografio in una delle isole più belle del mediterraneo 




Workshop di fotografia paesaggistica e di viaggio con Maurizio rellini

Come Pubblicare su cover come Lonenly planet o National Geopgraphic? 

Come realizzare scatti sorprendenti? 

ecco le risposte ! 





Paolo Marchetti - Ritorna per un altro grande workshop di fotografia documentaristica.. Paolo Marchetti - Ritorna per un altro grande workshop di fotografia documentaristica.. 




Roberto Zampino

Sono un fotografo documentarista/ritrattista. Ho vissuto e lavorato come fotografo e insegnante di fotografia a Cipro, in Italia e Londra. Specializzato in fotografia di viaggio, sport e “story telling” , producendo fotografie che combinano il mio coinvolgimento con i soggetti con un estetica unica e mai distaccata. Sono un fotografo “out there” , nomade, con il particolare talento di adattarmi ad ogni situazione e ambiente creando legami unici con i soggetti delle mie fotografie . ____________________________________
I am a documentary portrait photographer - I lived and worked as a freelance and photography teacher in Cyprus , Italy and London . My speciality is story telling photography, extreme sport and travel photography. I try to shoot combining my engagement with my subject and with a unique and never detached vision and esthetic. I am. Out there nomad photographer with the particularity of being able to adapt to any environment and situation creating bonds with the subjects of my photography.

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