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photography workshop and journey in Scilci - review

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  • Date: 24 / 03 / 2015

Research, sense of beauty and discovery, Desire to learn  and share the love for photography. The photography journey and workshop in Scicli came to a end  leaving a following of images and memories of indisputable beauty.



Scicli turned  to be a small quite, sincere and authentic village. A great place to learn  techniques and approaches to street and travel photography. The People who joined this workshop were the highlight of the overall experience. , from different  Nationality and experiences, each with a different technical level but with a unique and bonding passion  ; photography.

The morning lessons were brief but insightful. The idea was to convey  the knowledges and the approach to realse a photo essay, how to interact with the locals and how to observe the world with the Photographer's eye. The way I shoot is direct and sincere, I always try to get out of my comfort zone and this is what I want to share: the desire to Dare. We learned that the decisive moment is not only captured but expected, foreseen  and chased.  We learned That luck in photography is simply the combination of opportunity and preparation. During the workshop we tried, always  to go beyond the barriers of shyness and insecurity to get amazing and connected photos

Photography has become a means to rediscover ourselves and  getting involved in the culture and traditions of Sicily. The difference between who sees and who observes is as thin as the one  between those who describe and those who narrate and teller. Through our shots we tried to tell our Scicli observing the facets and the less usual  declinations of the town. We went in search of elegance,  contradictions and novelties.

The workshop served to better understand that a journey begins when you understand how to look differently and to photograph you must fall in love and be surprised. Scicli was a great set, full of architecture, street and people. the patronal festival  of St. Joseph, a centuries-old tradition, was a good opportunity to test our creativity and technique.



We did not miss anything, We had scenic lunch at the famous gourmet Satra and a journey among the natural perfuumes   and flavours of Russino's farm.

I am personally very pleased with the collaboration with Bioturismo who gave its unique touch to the logistics of the workshop, looking for a simple, yet elegant atmosphere.
The photograph was a way to escape from everyday life and get carried by the sense of freedom that only  passions and traveling can donate.

Some Images Of Workshop!

Roberto Zampino

Sono un fotografo documentarista/ritrattista. Ho vissuto e lavorato come fotografo e insegnante di fotografia a Cipro, in Italia e Londra. Specializzato in fotografia di viaggio, sport e “story telling” , producendo fotografie che combinano il mio coinvolgimento con i soggetti con un estetica unica e mai distaccata. Sono un fotografo “out there” , nomade, con il particolare talento di adattarmi ad ogni situazione e ambiente creando legami unici con i soggetti delle mie fotografie . ____________________________________
I am a documentary portrait photographer - I lived and worked as a freelance and photography teacher in Cyprus , Italy and London . My speciality is story telling photography, extreme sport and travel photography. I try to shoot combining my engagement with my subject and with a unique and never detached vision and esthetic. I am. Out there nomad photographer with the particularity of being able to adapt to any environment and situation creating bonds with the subjects of my photography.

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