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travel photography lesson at the academy of fine art of Catania - between dreams and photography

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  • Date: 15 / 04 / 2015

I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata and to be talking in front of hundreds of students in a similar environment in  Catania was exciting.

Coming from the same background of studies and being relatively fresh out of college I could understand the  fears and uncertainties of my interlocutors. "Will we ever do what we want?" "Will  we ever  find a job"? I was wondering the same thing back in time and .. is till do.
No university can ensures you a job hence i am more and more convinced that it is better to study something you really like and do not attend a university just for the possibility of getting a job. We live in a society that tends to prepare students for a future as employees  and to have a mind set inclines to  career and workplace . Nobody told me to make mistakes, to risk, to dream.  The risk is bad, it hurtful, falling is dangerous and you need to get up using twice the energy.

Living without dreams is the real risk.

Immobility is the root of unhappiness. Do you want something in life?

go and get it.

I wish i had somebody telling me  "we can succeed," "fall, get injured", "follow your passions," yet often the conversations was more like ..."art is dead", "photography will not give you  anything to eat."

I wanted to demonstrate viceversa




In front of an audience of 160 college students, I did not want to speak only about   travel photography. My idea was to  suggest the positive attitude with which they can  pursue their dreams. The difference between those who succeed and those who unfortunately don't  reside in  perseverance and use fear at your benefit 

The lesson of 2 hours was lively and interspersed with images, stories, jokes and episodes. I brought in my life experiences, publications and professional attitude i embrace in my travel photogrpahy trips

Everything comes back to a couple of key concepts:

- BE You yourself

- The click is just the last pinnacleof a great preparation, the last ring in a chain.

- Step over your comfort zone

- dare Dare DARE!

I decided to post the slides I showed

Do not forget to follow the page!

 Fotografia di viaggio - atteggiamento e idee per la fotografia di viaggio 




Roberto Zampino

Sono un fotografo documentarista/ritrattista. Ho vissuto e lavorato come fotografo e insegnante di fotografia a Cipro, in Italia e Londra. Specializzato in fotografia di viaggio, sport e “story telling” , producendo fotografie che combinano il mio coinvolgimento con i soggetti con un estetica unica e mai distaccata. Sono un fotografo “out there” , nomade, con il particolare talento di adattarmi ad ogni situazione e ambiente creando legami unici con i soggetti delle mie fotografie . ____________________________________
I am a documentary portrait photographer - I lived and worked as a freelance and photography teacher in Cyprus , Italy and London . My speciality is story telling photography, extreme sport and travel photography. I try to shoot combining my engagement with my subject and with a unique and never detached vision and esthetic. I am. Out there nomad photographer with the particularity of being able to adapt to any environment and situation creating bonds with the subjects of my photography.

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